Deer Videos

We have HUNDREDS of very good 30 second video clips of deer from our ‘feeding spot’ camera on Starvation Acres which makes it very difficult to pick some to share. This particular camera is within view of our micro-cabin and fire-ring. If one is quiet, they can see deer in this area every daylight hour of the day. At least during the spring time… Enjoy the videos. For a few more, follow the Rumble link below these videos.

The youngster is pretty interested when the turkey appears.
It appears they are seeing me over at our camp.

Eight deer grazing at the ‘feeding spot’ camera. (Rumble)
Deer food aggression. (Rumble)
Deer grazing and raven calling. (Rumble)
Post with still photos from the past winter. (Starvation Acres)
Videos of deer, turkeys and a cougar this past winter
. (Starvation Acres)

Our cameras are taking both stills and video around the clock so you should expect to see many more images from us.