Recent Predators

Only on occasion do we put eyes on a predator at Starvation Acres. However, they frequently walk in front of our cameras. We’ve gotten photos of bears, cougar, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, and skunks. A few domestic predators (dogs and cats) too. Many at night, but we have gotten some very good daylight videos as well. There are also plenty of owls and we hope one will land by a camera one day.

The below links each lead to our predator videos on so expect a new window or tab to open for each. Every one captured at Starvation Acres.

  • I tossed out a salt block for the deer and this darned coyote did this shortly after.
  • The Christmas Coyote did some fancy head moves trying to identify the trail camera.
  • Mountain Lion / Cougar less than 100 yards from our cabin.
  • Gray Wolf could be from either the Dominion or the Dirty Shirt pack. It’s wearing a radio collar!
  • Black bear purring for the camera minutes after I scared him away from our camp.

Most of these predators would go unseen if not for the cameras.

They’d still be there all the same.