Starvation Sasquatch

We have not seen a Sasquatch at Starvation Acres but other evidence has recently, and historically, been found in the region. The acres are in what Bigfoot of Stevens County has named “Sasquatch Alley”. However, to the enthusiast, reports and evidence from other locations are equally fascinating. As are thermal images of fellow campers. 🙂

On a recent camping trip (with Sasquatch enthusiasts), John Andrews brought some of his track castings for us to examine. What a great experience it was to handle the Bob Titmus cast (brown one) made in 1958 at Bluff Creek! Same location and 9 years before the Patterson / Gimlin film. John also brought a copy of the Patty track cast (white one) signed by Bob Gimlin.

Very near to Starvation Acres, we have heard the loud screams and possible wood knocks which some attribute to the Sasquatch. We also found one very large impression resembling a footprint. Others have found and cast tracks within a few miles of ‘the acres’. This northeast quadrant of Washington State is represented by multiple bigfoot groups, investigators, researchers, and filmmakers. A few are listed below.

My personal research of online sources helped to create this NE Washington encounter map and inspired me to buy the Bossburg Cripplefoot cast replicas from Bone Clones. These 3D printed tracks are exact reproductions which have a solid body (not hollow) and feel quite sturdy. They come with printed information on Dr. Grover Krantz and his research documentation.

Panoramic view in the Selkirk Mountains
Remote location in Pend Oreille County, WA. 2022


Ready in: 140 hours
Ingredients: 4
Serves: 250

1 medium Sasquatch
2 (20 gallon) containers broth
50 lbs assorted fresh vegetables, chopped
2 snowshoe hares (optional)

Cut Sasquatch into bite-size pieces. This takes about 3 days.
Using large kettles, simmer equal parts Sasquatch and vegetables with enough broth to cover.
Cook for a couple of days.
If more are expected, add the snowshoe hares, but do this only if necessary.
Most people don’t like to find hare in their stew.

Sasquatch stew in a bread bowl.
Sasquatch stew serving suggestion.

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  1. Butch Elrod

    Since posting, we have attended the monthly meeting of the NE Oregon/Blue Mountains Bigfoot group in Pendleton, Oregon. This group strives to attract those who have a genuine interest in spending time “in the field” while camping, hunting, etc. While learning the history of documented bigfoot encounters and finds by early investigators is crucial, no one is going to discover proof of bigfoot while sitting on their sofa.

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