First Ride

First ride of 2024. Winter is a difficult time to stay in shape, and even more difficult to keep the equine in good shape and refreshed on their training. Needless to say, aside from some groundwork, we were starting from scratch (again) this week. Shame on us.

Not only were we and our critters out of shape, but so was our equipment. Truck and trailer tires needed attention. The stabilizer hitch needed to be reinstalled. Worst of all, we had to fill up the fuel tank on the pickup. At $4.47 per gallon, diesel fuel now costs double the price we paid when Trump was President. 🙁

After adjusting tack, because of winter weight gain, and reminding the horse and mule how to stand still while we climbed on, the ride began. Aside from a spook or two, it went well. Stormy may have sweat off a few more pounds than Roscoe but he still wanted some Coca-Cola at the end of the day.