First Blood

Not at all like the Rambo movie but ‘first blood’ was drawn on Starvation Acres during the first week of wild turkey season 2021. There was much to see across the property but none so exciting as watching this big tom come into my call as I sat on a stump without a blind.

Other points of interest included the discovery of “Doug” who appears to be the largest tree on the property. The photo does not do justice to the big guy. Then there was the lighting effect above the outhouse at night. No outhouse should be without a clear roof (or a coat hook). Back lighting of our American flag flying over my turkey hunting shotgun was spectacular to see. An early start to our campfire reveals a stack of recycled cedar fence boards to be used for siding as well as a temporary display of turkey wings drying.

Our forest, and the animals calling it their home, is by far the most interesting feature of Starvation Acres! Trees large and small cover all but a few open meadows. Our cameras have already captured images of turkeys, whitetail deer, elk, bobcat, mountain lion, coyote, snowshoe hare, squirrels, and various small birds. While we haven’t seen any, moose have left behind their sign… (not pictured)

Starvation Acres is genuinely a diverse and rich ecosystem.