Winter 2022 / 23

We’re not playing in the Starvation snow during winter, which is why much of our wildlife is revealed only by tracks in the snow and game cameras. What a change from the warmer weather when a bear has been right in our camp!

Our scenery, both on the property and on adjoining public lands, changes from full greenery to deep white snow seemingly overnight. With that, access to the many gravel and dirt roads on the State land and in the National Forest becomes complicated. At first, it means carrying tire chains and a shovel. Eventually it means staying on the hard roads until springtime.

A few animals still show themselves in winter. Some we harvest for food. Most don’t even know we are there, but we get to see some of them.

Why no bears you might ask. The bears get very food focused with late summer and are rarely seen after the first snow falls. By May, the bears will be passing though Starvation Acres fairly regularly.

Long legged bear walking down our driveway in June 2022.
Strolling down our driveway!