A Recent Visit

I did not take nearly enough photos on my last visit to Starvation Acres! It was a whirlwind trip with things needing to be taken care of. However, I did setup a few game cameras in hopes of posting videos later and I may have found a good location to install a ‘ladder stand’ for photography and hunting. 🙂

On this recent visit, I did figured out how to get the cabin heater hooked up to the power. I emptied the cabin of some trash left behind by the previous owner and hauled home a couple of large bags of general rubbish. And I think I came up with a plan to add one more bunk in the 8’x8′ cabin.

I also met with the contractor and laid out a course for our soon to be 900′ long driveway. The plan is to take the easy route and avoid removing any of the more mature ponderosa pine trees. It helps that we have an old skidder trail right where the driveway needs to be.

Introducing the Lone Acre.
Starvation Acres consists of 10 forested acres. Nine of those are contiguous and one ‘lone acre’ is on the far side of a county road, assuring no one will ever build across the road from us! Well, it would be nice if someone wanted to lease the lone acre for their cell tower. (hint)