Early Stages

Things leading up to Starvation Acres included inviting an Andalusian mare (from a rescue situation) to join our mini-donkeys in the back pasture. Then just as she and the donkeys seemed to be getting used to one another, we found a mule. An overweight, probably part Belgium, sweet mannered mule.

“Stormy”, as the mare was called even before we adopted her, has spirit. When I walk into the dry lot, there’s no telling if she will take off running and bucking or come check my pockets for a treat. It appears her prior owners spent a lot of time training her as well!

“Red”, formerly named Rigby, came to us by way of Elk Creek Outfitting where he’d been for 9 years. We’re told he is a veteran pack mule with experience as a riding mule. If you were to swing a rope over his ears or across his back, you’d see Red is nearly impossible to rattle. He could just as easily have been named “Mister Mellow”.

As for the actual acres, there is a tiny bunkhouse in place for us to use while making other improvements.

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2 Replies to “Early Stages”

  1. Brian Skeels

    I am loving your story so far. Looking forward to seeing more and hoping to pitch in at some point on the projects.

    • Butch

      Thanks, Brian. It’s good to see the commenting works. LOL
      There will be plenty of work to do real soon just getting the cabin ready for spring turkey season. I think I’d like to attach a small porch there to make it more safe to use. Insulation would be nice too.

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