Nearly Turkey Season

I visited ‘the acres’ to get things ready for the approaching wild turkey hunting season. Preparations included some gathering of litter, setting out or checking of cameras, installing a deer feeder, preparing a camp fire pit, and more. There was plenty to keep me busy for two days.

We found plenty of sign for wild turkeys on the Acres but didn’t hear them while there. Some were on my game cameras, as were coyotes, but the overwhelming majority of images were of whitetail deer. Mice, small birds, hares, and grouse were also on camera. No large predators other than coyotes were recorded this time. But we did catch a nice strutting turkey display 🙂

Then I headed home… Only ten miles later, my truck broke down 🙁 Fortunately, a couple of local guys stopped to offer help. They helped me get the truck to a mechanic and a few hours later, Naomi arrived to drive me home. What a trying and exhausting day that was! Now we’re waiting for a quote on the truck repairs.

Have you ever seen a whitetail deer kick or attack another deer over food? We have these videos of the food aggression! 🙂